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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Old School

I've been passing through the San Luis Valley on the way to somewhere for the last 42 years. And every time I traverse that vast, flat-bottomed space, ringed by the Sangres on one side and the San Juans on the other, I grow fonder of it. Recently, just after one of this winter's brutal cold spells had broke, I drove through on the way to Denver for a conference. Up on Wolf Creek Pass, it was sunny and relatively warm, at least for early January. But once I got down into the valley, the car thermometer started plummeting, and it was below zero by the time I got near Center. Saguache was a bit warmer, though, and I stopped to take a look around. Luckily for me, it was press day at the Saguache Crescent, where Dean Coombs puts out the paper each week on letterpress equipment, without the benefit of any digital computerized stuff.

I wrote about it for High Country News. And here's some photos.

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