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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Images from a road trip: Winslow, Hopi etc.

For Labor Day weekend, my family and I hit the road, headed south. The harsh blue skies and dry, dusty land had given way to towering thunderheads and monsoonal rains and mud and green and tall, tall grass. It was part vacation and part work: I was reporting on a story about Winslow, Ariz., and another one about running in Hopi (coming soon). We're heading back down this weekend for more reporting, this time of the very cool art on rails project called Station to Station. Worth checking out if you can. This is a collection of images I captured during the trip. I love the way the light plays with the clouds and the land during the monsoon.

Amtrak conductor and train. Winslow, Ariz., Aug. 2013.

Picnic Area, Little Painted Desert, Ariz. Aug. 2013.

Amaranth and La Posada. Winslow, Ariz., Aug. 2013.

Lydia and the approaching storm. Little Painted Desert, Ariz., Aug. 2013

Moenkopi corn field. Sept. 2013.

Storm near Hopi. Aug. 2013.

All Star Krew and distant butte. Little Painted Desert, Ariz. Aug. 2013.

Rest Area, Little Painted Desert, Ariz. Aug. 2013.

Pigeons. Winslow, Ariz. Aug. 2013.

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  1. Really great photography. Ethnogeography with a good eye, My wife and I call ourselves ethnohorticulturalists and have been growing Hidatsa/Mandan maize (NW North Dakota) since 1976. Not a great crop this year - 2015. I've also been taking pictures since the mid 1950s. Looked at a lot of them.