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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The myriad "other" threats to the Animas River

Sure, the Gold King blowout and the orange river that resulted were pretty bad. Really bad. But that disaster was arguably one of the less malignant threats facing the Animas and San Juan Rivers as they run through southwestern Colorado, northwestern New Mexico and southern Utah. There are many, many more threats: The remnants of three uranium mills, one of the most prolific coalbed methane fields in the world, two gargantuan coal-fired power plants, hundreds of apparently leaky septic tanks and more.

Check out my map giving details on those threats at High Country News.

Here's a nice description of the Animas River about five miles north of Durango as it appeared in 1876, in the pre-industrialized days. It's a memory from Pioneers of the San Juan Country, Vol III (copyright 1952), by John W. Turner.

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